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Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> Joining the Crowd
I have to agree with the other reviews This is an excellent TV for the price It does take some experimentation to find the optimum configuration and I find the setup menu screen navigation unintuitive however it s difficult to beat the price/performance ratio

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Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
>> Budget Minded Way to Enter into the world of Bluray
I ll preface by stating I ve only watched a few movies on it so far But what I ve seen I m duly impressed

The body has a very simple glossy black look to it The remote is easy to use and the menu system has a low learning curve on figuring out

The projector is sm

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Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> WOW
My viewing distance of about 15 was a strain with my 37 LCD This TV fixed the problem AND the 60C9 cost half of what I paid for my 37 a few years ago The only problem that I ve had is that it s hard for me to turn it off and go to bed

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Cheap price for Mitsubishi LT 46244 46 244 Series LCD TV 120Hz widescreen 1080p FullHD HDTV high gloss black pearl with diamond blue light accent

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Band : Mitsubishi
Model : LT 46244
Product Features :
- 1080p LCD Flat Panel Display
- Full Spectrum Color
- x v Color
- Smooth120Hz
- Color 4D Video Noise Reduction

Mitsubishi LT 46244 46 244 Series LCD TV 120Hz widescreen 1080p FullHD HDTV high gloss black pearl with diamond blue light accent
>> The Green line
This process is just starting but since I had good luck with CRTs of Mitsubishi s in the past I bought this set Two weeks after the warrantee expired a green line appeared two inches in on the right side The service people have not appeared yet but based on the internet search of the problem the set may be toast without any help coming from the company Will keep you posted on the problem but it does not look good Would not buy the set again without an extended warrantee for as many years as you can get it
>> Screen replacement inevitable
As other reviews have mentioned this TV s screen has some issues I purchased mine in June of 2008 as of October 2008 the screen developed a broad red vertical stripe on the right hand side of the screen My mistake was not checking reviews on this and other Mitsubishi TV s The LCD panel developing these vertical lines is a common issue with Mitsubishi TV s based on reviews on this and other sites This TV was not my first or second Mitsubishi TV purchase rest assured it will be the last Mitsubishi TV I buy As of the day I write this review I am informed by Mitsubishi that a replacement screen will not be available until after the new year Mitsubishi is not offering any compensation for this sub standard product they sell

After having the screen replaced in November it now has a vertical blue line down the lefthand side of the screen Hopefully Mitsubishi stands by their statement and replaces the whole TV If I could downgrade this product to 0 stars I would

As of the beginning of April the TV is getting worse Mitsubishi rather than paying another 1200 under warranty to replace the screen again they are sending me the 46246 model instead Hopefully the kinks in the screen were ironed out and I avoid issues with the new model
MAY 7 2009 UPDATE Mitsubishi is replacing these for buyers with defective TV s We received our LT46246 yesterday and purchased an extended warranty from the local audio video store as I am taking no more chances on Mitsubishi products I will do a review of the replacement TV in a few months just to be sure it is still working In March we were told that a new panel had been ordered then in early April we were told the panel was backordered and the delivery date was unknown In mid April we were told Mitsubishi was replacing for previous purchasers this defective model with an LT46246

MARCH 9 2009 UPDATE The official service center in San Antonio just told me that Mitsubishi has extended the manufacturer s warranty by one full year It appears these TV s have a lot of problems so it is nice to see them stand behind the product Hopefully those of you who have purchased this item will be able to resolve your issues with the item as easily

March 8 2009 Update The panel separation problem occurred again 12 days outside the manufacturer s warranty period The service center is going to talk to them about covering a replacement but based on other comments I am not hopeful Will update this once we hear something

July 15 2008 Update Mitsubishi did indeed replace the defective panel on this set Now we ll see how long it lasts

INITIAL REVIEW We purchased this directly from Vann s an Amazon partner Their service was fantastic during the sale We selected the Mitsubishi over a Sony because the bezel was narrow and we were able to get a larger screen that would fit in our living room wall unit

The first Mitsubishi TV was delivered and worked fine for the first 15 minutes Then it simply would not power on or off with the universal remote from our cable company Further the Mitsubishi remote did not work

We called Vann s immediately and they suggested we call Mitsubishi Mitsubishi s customer service is a joke the reps can barely speak English and are lost if something happens that is not scripted for their response The rep kept blaming the cable remote and told us to get a new cable remote If that did not work then we were told to call on Monday when the parts department was available We drove to our cable store front and obtained a brand new remote which did nothing

Disgusted by it all we took our Mitsubishi remote to Best Buy where it worked perfectly on their LT46244 Their staff determined it was the TV that was defective so we called Vann s and they immediately started the process to get a new TV to us and to pick up the defective TV Beware if we had not called within 24 hours of receiving the TV we would have been on our own At any rate the second LT46244 worked fine and we were very pleased with its performance

But woe is me Exactly 4 months after getting the second TV we noticed a solid black line 2 1/4 inches from the left screen edge that ran from the top to the bottom of the screen We called Vann s where we were told that they could do nothing since we had not purchased an extended warrenty which was never offered We then called Mitsubishi and again got a rep whose English was not the best She told us to call the authorized service center which was listed on their web site We did so but there was no answer and no answering machine After numerous attempts to reach the service center we called Mitsubishi again The rep put us on hold contacted the service center which was not the one listed on the web site but is San Antonio s premier source for audio/video equipment and connected us to the service writer That individual had a service technician call us back after hearing about the problem he said the panel was going bad and that it would have to be replaced

We have not yet heard whether Mitsubishi is going to stand behind their TV or not but we would not ever spend the money on their product again Additionally we re not sure even with the savings that it s worth purchasing a big screen from anyone but a local source This TV rates 3 stars only because it is a decent TV when it is working but the length of time it works is still a question Otherwise it would have gotten 1 star

In my initial review I failed to comment on the quality of the picture color it is excellent if you set it according to the instructions We use our TV in a brightly lighted room and the normal setting produced a somewhat washed out picture when compared with our Sony KDL52XBR5 I remembered that the picture when viewed in the showroom had been significantly better in fact that was one reason we chose this set In reviewing the manual I discovered the setting should have been bright this made a significant difference and produced a much higher quality picture

One plus is the matte screen on this model we use the TV in a brightly lighted room and there is virtually no glare from either sunlight through the windows or from lamps at night This is a real problem with other sets so you may want to take a chance on this TV if your room is bright

The sound quality is adequate if like my spouse and I you are tone deaf We don t watch movies or listen to music stations so the speakers are fine for us If you are an audiophile you will probably want to look into add ons

I do recommend purchasing an extended warranty on this set I wish we had