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Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> Joining the Crowd
I have to agree with the other reviews This is an excellent TV for the price It does take some experimentation to find the optimum configuration and I find the setup menu screen navigation unintuitive however it s difficult to beat the price/performance ratio

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Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
>> Budget Minded Way to Enter into the world of Bluray
I ll preface by stating I ve only watched a few movies on it so far But what I ve seen I m duly impressed

The body has a very simple glossy black look to it The remote is easy to use and the menu system has a low learning curve on figuring out

The projector is sm

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Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> WOW
My viewing distance of about 15 was a strain with my 37 LCD This TV fixed the problem AND the 60C9 cost half of what I paid for my 37 a few years ago The only problem that I ve had is that it s hard for me to turn it off and go to bed

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Buy Online Mitsubishi WD 52327 52 rear projection TV DLP widescreen 720p HDTV monitor

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Band : Mitsubishi
Model : WD 52327
Product Features :
- Mitsubishi 1280x720p Proprietary DLP Light Engine
- 480 Line Motion Adaptive 3D Y/C Comb Filter
- DVI Digital Visual Interface
- 3 Component Video Inputs
- 5 Inch Coaxial Speakers

Mitsubishi WD 52327 52 rear projection TV DLP widescreen 720p HDTV monitor
>> Wonderful enjoyable TV that does its job and impresses along the way
This TV is huge and has great picture quality and watching it is the perfect way to end the day It hooks up easily with my DVD player and my laptop does exactly what it s supposed to do is intuitive to use and has never caused me any trouble

I read the other reviews complaining about workmanship but my TV is almost 4 years old and has had zero problems even bulb failures That s even more impressive since I shipped it 3 000 miles across the country when moving and am sure it was jostled

Things to note the TV looks best when the overhead lights are dim and it takes 10 15 seconds to turn on which seems slow Also the sound quality is not the best available However I still give the TV 5 stars because these problems are minor and addressable because I have a separate sound system and because overall the TV has exceeded my expectations and was a great value for the price I paid

One last point Visitors are extremely impressed with this TV because it looks sexy and expensive If you a modest person this TV could come across as more ostentatious than its smaller cousins However if you like the attention the style points and a fantastic viewing experience this TV is for you
We had a second generation model WD 52725 of this TV purchased in 12/04 We just loaded it up to take to the dump In the <5 years we owned it we replaced the bulb twice with after market bulbs we got on the internet and finally paid a TV repairman 100 to tell us that it would cost 700 to send the entire main unit a large part that can be taken out back to Mitsubishi to be repaired after which there is only a 6 month warranty on the repair We figured that was about what we paid for our new Sony LCD which if it lasts as long as the Mitsubishi did is still a better deal The repairman told us that DLPs are on their way out and while LCDs have their problems also they don t have the maintenance of the DLP He told us that in order to get the bulb to last more than 1 5 years we would need a brand name Mitsubishi bulb which after 5 years still costs 275 The original bulb lasted us 2 5 years The next after market one lasted only 1 5 years DLPs are also very loud when they run and take a full minute or more to warm up and get a picture Not so with the LCD Go Mitsubishi if you want but expect a money pit and a very LARGE pain to haul away
>> Mitsubishi W 52327 review
This is my first big screen HDTV Initially I was excited about the prospect of having a big screen high definition tv I paid my satellite company for the HD channels and HD receiver The fact is from the variety of different HD channels only a limited few are of any interest for me at least So I canceled the HD channels and now have the basic lineup But since I still have the HD receiver I do get all local channels that program in HD Which amounts to major broadcast stations primetime and news programs Back to my review for the tv I ve had it for two years now and the picture shows great I also bought the stand and it looks very contemporary In two years I ve had the bulb changed twice first time 14 mos and the next 8 mos So figure about once every year give or take useage And the bulb costs 169 00 I paid for a 5 year 329 00 extended warranty so luckily it s been covered But after that I m on my own Unfortunately the tv speakers don t work with my satellite only the surround sound system is connected It s not been a big deal So all in all for my first HD tv the 52 size and the picture is what impressed me My next tv I ll have to research a little harder and find one that doesn t burn through the bulbs so fast