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Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> Joining the Crowd
I have to agree with the other reviews This is an excellent TV for the price It does take some experimentation to find the optimum configuration and I find the setup menu screen navigation unintuitive however it s difficult to beat the price/performance ratio

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Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
>> Budget Minded Way to Enter into the world of Bluray
I ll preface by stating I ve only watched a few movies on it so far But what I ve seen I m duly impressed

The body has a very simple glossy black look to it The remote is easy to use and the menu system has a low learning curve on figuring out

The projector is sm

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Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> WOW
My viewing distance of about 15 was a strain with my 37 LCD This TV fixed the problem AND the 60C9 cost half of what I paid for my 37 a few years ago The only problem that I ve had is that it s hard for me to turn it off and go to bed

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Mitsubishi WD 65731 65 Inch 1080p DLP HDTV for sale

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Band : Mitsubishi
Model : WD 65731
Product Features :
- Technologically advanced high definition 65 inch 1080p DLP TV with built in HD tuner measures 58 5 x 40 8 x 19 8 inches WxHxD
- Digital cable ready with CableCARD slot QAM tuner compatible with unscrambled HDTV cable reception
- 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution 150 watt TurboLight lamp system focuses light more efficiently
- Connections Composite 3 in 1 out S Video 3 in Component 2 in HDMI 2 in RF 2 in Firewire 2 in PC DVI 1 in
- Two stereo speakers 10 watts apiece 20 watts total coaxial digital audio output

Mitsubishi WD 65731 65 Inch 1080p DLP HDTV
I own a WD 52628 model The 52 inch sister to this very model It actually uses a similar lamp to the 65 inch model This review applies to ALL MITSUBISHI REAR PROJECTION HD TVs

After 3 years of ownership the tv has had numerous problems Each time the tv is out for repairs it has been in a repair shop for at least 3 months Maintenance has only taken it out of action for 2 3 weeks waiting for the lamps I view maintenance and repair as two seperate items

The first problem that occurred was the blinking red light and no picture This was due to a burned out light engine per the repair store If the warranty had not covered it in the first 180 days it would have been an 1800 dollar repair plus labor

The second issue is with the replacement and dispossal of the 230 lamps that contain mercury You can t just toss these things into the trash In the 3 years of ownership I ve gone through four lamps each costing at least 230 at a cost of roughly a thousand dollars In 3 situations I had to go through the internet to purchase new lamps Shipping at first from Mitsubishi took 3 weeks

This last problem that I am in the middle of now is the dreaded blinking green light on the front Per several investigative websites Consumer Affairs etc blinking green light is caused by two different types of situations The first situation is that one of the two cpu s on the device is not in synchronization with the other cpu Ergo no fix just replace the item The other situation is with the 4 capacitors on the mainboard either the 4 caps will need to be replaced by new capacitors and/or the mainboard will need to be replaced

Minimum cost of repair for the last problem has been estimated at least at 1000 plus labor The problem is that any solution starts with recognizing a design flaw during manufacturing The tv sets were assembled with inadequate parts per some investigatory websites The parts themselves do not function adequately in the environment created by the rest of the parts inside the tv The capacitors alone were not meant to handle the electrical load of the mainboard

There is one positive the glare is not as much of a problem with this model
>> Owned for less than 2 year and now major problems
I bought this tv less than 2 years ago My lamp went out November after 17 months No big deal since we used it a lot Now the TV only turns on once in a while after cycling the powere many times The lamp light turns on but I know the lamp is good since I get the tv to turn on after 10 or so tries Other times the TV turns on with no picture and then shuts down with a blinking green light

Now I see that MANY other people are having the same problems for ALL MITSUBISHI DLP TVs So many people are having problems there s class action lawsuits Mitsu customer service took my name and gave me the nearest repair center They said it would be 300 minimum if it s what they think is wrong and then maybe more

Mitsu DLP TVs have so many problems you should think twice before purchasing Your total cost of ownership is way more than the purchase price

Right now I just have a big black box sitting in my family room
>> Lots of problems with my model WD 65731
I bought this Mitsubishi 65 inch about a year and a half ago I have had numerous problems with the lamp With it being out of warranty I am now having to deal with Mitsubishi customer relations Now I can t even get it to turn on unless I unlock it let it set reset it and try and turn it on again I cannot see having to deal with all these issues for the next 10 years I can currently trying to get Mits to replace this set Other than that the picture when I can get one is great I have a 50 inch that I bought in 1999 that still works great and has never seen a repair man It must just be this set I would not recommend this set to anyone