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Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> Joining the Crowd
I have to agree with the other reviews This is an excellent TV for the price It does take some experimentation to find the optimum configuration and I find the setup menu screen navigation unintuitive however it s difficult to beat the price/performance ratio

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Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
>> Budget Minded Way to Enter into the world of Bluray
I ll preface by stating I ve only watched a few movies on it so far But what I ve seen I m duly impressed

The body has a very simple glossy black look to it The remote is easy to use and the menu system has a low learning curve on figuring out

The projector is sm

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Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> WOW
My viewing distance of about 15 was a strain with my 37 LCD This TV fixed the problem AND the 60C9 cost half of what I paid for my 37 a few years ago The only problem that I ve had is that it s hard for me to turn it off and go to bed

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Cheap price on Mitsubishi WD 82737 82 Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV

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Band : Mitsubishi
Model : WD 82737
Product Features :
- Smooth 120Hz Film Motion eliminates motion artifacts for smooth crisp fast and slow action content
- 6 Color Processor for a wider range of colors brighter colors and whiter whites
- Three HDMI inputs and three Component inputs
- Displays all images at 1080p converts lower resolution signals with Plush 1080p 5G technology
- Energy Star 3 0 Qualified for high energy efficiency

Mitsubishi WD 82737 82 Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV
>> Panasonic Lover tries MITZ 82 inch
Only after Zenith went kapoot did I research and decide on Panasonic large screen plasmas I and most folks on various forums agree Panasonic produces one of the better sets on todays market So jump forward to March 2010 when I wanted something larger than the 65 inch in the HT room Even though DLP is showing it s age with plasma LCD and LED sets it still holds it s own in quality and price value unless you have an extra Hundred thousand dollars laying around to buy a flat screen tv the size of this Mitz DLPs drawback of course is it wont hang on the wall and does take a little space depth wise In my case there is plenty of room so no problem The set arrived in the biggest cardboard box I have ever seen in my life Unboxing was however easy Removing the protective film/tape around the edges of the set was more difficult than it should have been and Mitz should change this The usual XBox Wii blueray equipment connects easy with RGB or HDMI outlets in the rear of the set The set is extremely intelligent even turning its self on when you power up equpment like the blueray dvd It even reconizes if you have connected a blueray XB or Wii to it if you use HDMI connections

The set has a base stand but setting it on the floor was to low for us requiring the purchase of a Bell O AVS 2763HG stand from Amazon This stand is made specifically for the 82 Mitz according to BellO The stand or should I say table brings the set up to a very good height for viewing and also allows you to install the center channel of your surround sound speaker on one of it s shelves directly under the center of the set

The picture quality of this Mitz 82 set is very good It might not be as good as the panasonic 57 but comeon this set s picture is 25 inchs larger and thus some loss of picture resolution should be expected Dont get me wrong there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the picture especially if the signal is a live hdtv feed from direct tv like a sporting event

Not a lot of problems with remote since I have small fingers but the buttons are close and small and I do wish Mitz would have spend another 50 cents to put some back lighting for the remote controler s buttons The TV has it s own speakers but wont rate them since they are not used in our system One of the best cosmetic features of this set is the very small trim surrounding the actual tv screen When you look at the set it appears to be ALL SCREEN

OH best of all since this set is 3 D ready I am told Mitz will have their 3 D equipment for sale including a kit with four shutter glasses several 3d movies and optical sync unit suppost to be out in middle of June Understand the 3 D kit will sell for about four hundred dollars hope Amazon has for less

Side to side viewing is not bad at all and viewing up to at least 60 from center max for our HT room yields no loss of brightness or quality OH did I say that the DLP replacement bulbs are not near as costly as other brands I wont say the four letter brand starting with the letter S and replacing your DLP light source will cost you less than 100 dollars No one at Mitz or anywhere else can give bulb life length but hoping it wont be going out for a while

Bottom line if you have the space for this set and want to have a really BIG and every NICE tv you will have it with the 82 So far I give it 5 stars owner since March 2010
>> good price good picture good swrvice
i like the tv very much it is the second one we have bought first one was 57 inch and it cost a grand more than the 82 inch but 4 years later very very happy
>> Mitsubishi WD 82737
This is an upgrade from an almost 10 yr old 55 Mitsubishi wide screen that has been an excellent product A larger viewing room and a deep discount to MSRP was the impetus for upgrading Although the picture lacks the brightness of plasma or LED the large size more than makes up for that Being able to control ambient light in my LR makes the brightness issue a moot point for me Picture clarity and spot on color are excellent I couldn t be more pleased with this product and Amazon price and shipping ease were top notch I would do it again w/o hesitation