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Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 65C9 65 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> Joining the Crowd
I have to agree with the other reviews This is an excellent TV for the price It does take some experimentation to find the optimum configuration and I find the setup menu screen navigation unintuitive however it s difficult to beat the price/performance ratio

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Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
Mitsubishi HC3800 1080p Home Theater DLP Projector
>> Budget Minded Way to Enter into the world of Bluray
I ll preface by stating I ve only watched a few movies on it so far But what I ve seen I m duly impressed

The body has a very simple glossy black look to it The remote is easy to use and the menu system has a low learning curve on figuring out

The projector is sm

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Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
Mitsubishi WD 60C9 60 Inch 1080p Flat panel DLP Home Theater
>> WOW
My viewing distance of about 15 was a strain with my 37 LCD This TV fixed the problem AND the 60C9 cost half of what I paid for my 37 a few years ago The only problem that I ve had is that it s hard for me to turn it off and go to bed

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Most Popular Mitsubishi WD 82837 82 Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV

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Band : Mitsubishi
Model : WD 82837
Product Features :
- Smooth 120Hz Film Motion eliminates motion artifacts for smooth crisp fast and slow action content
- x v Color delivers up to 80 percent more color than standard HDTV for breathtaking realism and vivid natural color
- Four HDMI inputs and three Component inputs USB input for enjoying JPEG images and WMA/MP3 music files
- Displays all images at 1080p converts lower resolution signals with Plush 1080p 5G technology
- Energy Star 3 0 Qualified for high energy efficiency

Mitsubishi WD 82837 82 Inch 1080p 120Hz Home Theater DLP HDTV
>> The only really big TV normal people can afford It was made for movies
I own or have owned several DLPs I have a 58 Panasonic Plasma and several smaller LCDs People don t seem to understand the size TV that is required to see a full 1080P from their viewing distance I sit 14 feet away from the set A 65 wasn t big enough a 72 was not big enough Heck the WD 82837 is not large enough I really need a 100 set for my viewing distance The big Mits is one heck of a bargain It has great blacks will calibrate to nearly reference levels Do it yourself if you have the test gear or get an experience ISF certified calibrator to do it for you I bought the Mits at my local Best Buy There price was very good and I got a bazillion reward points

The only other set available in this size is an 84 Panny Plasma If you have to ask the price forget about it

I love this TV but it has one tremendous weakness You should understand what you are buying when you buy this set You are buying a fantastic movie experience If you have a bright sunny room and you are looking to watch a lot of weekend sports on sunny afternoons you will hate it Well maybe you won t hate it But if you are demanding of accurate color and high brightness levels at that same time out of a TV then this set is challenged It can make a fair amount of light but it does so only in the Brilliant or Bright modes which are fine for people who like the store Torch modes Unfortunately these modes are far from accurate You will need to use Advanced or Natural modes the sets clips green when configured in an accurate mode and you really crank the brightness You can go accurate or very bright you can t have both

This is a big set and it has the same lamp as the smaller Mits DLPs obviously Mits had to cut a corner somewhere to sell a set this big for the price To do both superbright and still make highly accurate color the set needed a higher wattage lamp There are two lamp settings One is Energy Star the other is Bright If you want to get the most out of the set choose the Bright setting for the lamp DLPs are economical on power consumption so you are not loosing much by setting the lamp to Bright Don t be confused by the terminology the lamp setting of Bright and the picture mode Bright are two different things You can run the TV in Bright mode and the lamp mode in Bright do that if you really need the set to put out a lot of light The problem is that the Bright picture mode is way to blue if you calibrate in Bright mode to make the color accurate you will end up decreasing the brightness You can t really have both maximum brightness and maximum accuracy

This is not the easiest set to fully calibrate If you want to get it very accurate on color and grayscle and you will need to know what you are doing For most folks that means and ISF certified tech look on AVSForum the best ones in the country travel Although calibration is not a walk in the park when it is calibrated it looks fantastic In theater type lighting this set when calibrated will give you the shivers

I have a dim living room even with a bunch of windows I don t watch much TV during the day For me the weakness in terms of maximum brightness is not an issue I bought this set for cinema You really have to compare this TV with a front projector Front projectors make much less light than this set does It is a great Home Theater display and a mediocre display for sunny Sunday afternoon with all the blinds open But if you want to see 1080P and your room does not allow you sit 8 feet away this set is the answer to a videophile s prayers

Sure if I could have afforded the 29K for the 84 Panny Plasma I would have gone that direction My room makes a front projector impossible and my budget means I could never afford the 84 Panny Plasma This is the only game in town folks It is a big TV with a superb movie experience and it can be bought for relative peanuts compared to the only other option the Panny I am very demanding on picture quality This set can knock you out if it is set up right I spent less than 3K on this set and I have a DVDO DUO Video Processor feeding it I am using ChromaPure software and a Chroma 5 Colorimeter to calibrate it The set the Video Processor and the Calibration equipment altogether was about 5 grand there is just nothing like it for the money My only regret about the TV is that it is too small If Mits were to do do a 100 incher with a bigger lamp I would be right there to lay my money down
>> The biggest baddest TV you can buy
After owning a Sony SXRD 60 rear projection TV for the past four years we could never go smaller After months of researching large LCDs and plasma TVs I realized I would never match the size of our old TV at a price I could stomach That is of course unless I went back to rear projection It is a shame that Sony and Samsung have stopped making these TVs but at least Mitsubishi remains I started thinking the 73 would be plenty big enough but after doing the math our viewing distance of about 11 feet is best suited for the 82 I m so glad I upped for the bigger TV Viewing anything is an event now

So how is the picture I m no professional and I m not qualified to give a detailed rundown of the picture quality I can t say its the best I ve seen but it is definitely the best I ve seen at this size I bought The Dark Knight on Blu ray for demos and it blows everyone away Like I said it is an event

People have moaned about the confusing remote though I don t think it is bad at all After a few minutes I found it easy to get things done

As for the sound I can t comment I hooked it up to my home theater audio system and trust me with a picture this big you ll need an equally big sound
>> Make sure you have enough room for this
It s huge

I had purchased a 56 Panny plasma last year It has an awesome picture and is a fabulous TV However with the sound system I have going down there classic KEF Reference all the way around plus the legendary Alon isobaric sub driven by the top Marantz HDMI receiver I found the picture from the plasma was still a little SMALL for the sound

This I hadn t anticipated

56 was the hugest screen I d ever bought Well I blew the plasma out the door when the new Mitsu rear projection DLP units with 3 D came out and I m glad I did

It was between this and a projector My brother built a front projector system in his basement and honestly it s disappointing You have to have the room totally dark and even then the picture isn t very bright

This DLP set by contrast is far brighter and you can watch it during the day or with the lights on It is HUGE which really complements the sound system It s really not right to have top shelf sound without a theater worthy screen and 56 is just on the small end of that unless your room is tiny

Once I had the color balance tweaked to the calibration disc s satisfaction I had great things going on The Panny had great color out of the box but the factory settings on the Mitsu DLP units are mushy and a bit off So if you do buy this set by all means make sure you do a full calibration with a good calibration dvd/blu ray disc The before/after difference is quite striking even if you re not a real video geek The discs themselves are amazingly cheap and if you re spending this much on a TV there s really no excuse not to set it up right I believe many negative reviewers simply weren t able to get the calibration done so their nice new screen looks right

Blu Ray presentation of color intensive films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are spectacular on this set Fast moving sports like Hockey and baseball render lightning fast unlike the ever popular LCD screens that show a black streak on the ice instead of a puck And of course you get the most inches per dollar of any HDTV technology out there

My sister has an older DLP Sony Grand WEGA set and when the bulb finally popped on that thing they had to pop for almost 300 to replace it and then it was a huge rigamarole to get it replaced

The bulb on this TV is around a hundred twenty bucks which is a steal for this kind of high output light source And it is 100 user replaceable That is what sold me on this TV Because at that low price for a bulb I can keep a spare on hand at all times and if the thing blows I can quickly get it up and running again

I can t stress enough how important this feature is for anyone looking at rear projection DLP Your bulb is going to blow It s a wear item like brakes on your car Designing the system so that the user can replace the bulb is so smart Mitsu should get a medal Designing the bulb so that it can be sold for around a hundred bucks awesome

How does the picture compare with the Panasonic plasma The plasma is better Blacks blacker Whites whiter Action faster Viewing angles WAY wider But the plasma just ain t big enough for my application and a plasma the size of this gigantic DLP will cost you your firstborn child The brightness and video quality penalty is the trade off for the eye popping size of this screen It was totally worth it for me and the experience with the bigger screen really blows away the higher plasma quality for me

So you know where I m at with this TV If you are looking for the home theater experience I recommend you stop looking at flatscreens and projectors You ve found the right TV type and the right brand Mitsu stuck with rear projection DLP and refined it while so many others were switching over to all flatscreen all the time Those of us non millionaires for whom there s no substitute for screen real estate are very happy they did

Go to your local Mitsubishi DLP dealer and see these big things in action Choose the model that fits you best and start shopping that model 3100 for this TV is a gettable deal and you may be able to get it for that just by offering that price to your local Mitsu guy You ll pay for delivery but the charge will be similar to what you pay the Amazon affiliates who sell this TV and you ll have a local warranty which is very desirable on something of this magnitude

If your personal economy allows you to spend three thousand bucks on a tv I would definitely put this one on your list of tvs to shop

You won t be sorry